20 Traditional North Indian Foods that could change Your Life Forever

While every nation in this world has its own food culture and history, Indians have a love to have something special for every occasion.  The reason being every occasion –religious, personal or related to anything else under the sky–is incomplete without a few authentic North Indian cuisines to celebrate with.

So let us take a look at our choice of the 20 dishes that are such mouth-flattering and healthy to induct a change in your lifestyle forever.

Amritsari Fish Pakoda (#Glutenfree fish fritters)

That’s a mildly battered fish fry with Indian spices, ginger garlic paste, and gram flour (chickpea). It’s crunchy and light to eat and works great as an appetizer.

Shahi Paneer

Buttery Shahi Paneer is a delicious gravy made with onions, nuts, and cream. You could pair that beautifully with naan.

Mehfil Shrimp

This authentic North Indian cuisine is one of the distinctive non-veggie dishes of our restaurant

We make it by tossing fried jumbo-sized shrimps in a sweet and savory sauce. Order this if you want something unique.

Chicken and Lamb Biriyani

Mehfil restaurant serves up a striking lamb biryani recipe – an authentic Indian dish that makes the most of a sweet-smelling host of spices.

You can have a different version of biriyani as well with chicken.  Chicken Biryani is a delightful luscious dish made of flavorsome saffron rice and becomes exquisite with spicy marinated chicken, caramelized onions.

Shrimp Biriyani

Here we have the third version of the Biriyani dish with shrimp. An excellent option for you if you are a seafood lover. Seafood comes loaded with numerous nutrients that are indispensably good for your lifestyle.

Butter Chicken

Aromatic golden chicken pieces in an incredible creamy curry sauce, this Butter Chicken recipe is one of the best options if you prefer non-veg on any occasion.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Like butter chicken, this Chicken Tikka Masala recipe is one of the best north Indian food you will try. The BEST serving side is hot and fresh Basmati rice and Naan bread.

Navratan Korma

Aromatic, flavorful, and mildly sweet, this vegetable navratan korma recipe is made with nine ingredients.

Saag or Saag Paneer

Saag paneer is a traditional Indian dish of cooked spinach added with cubes of fried paneer cheese. Stiffened with cream or coconut milk, it’s a healthful and filling vegetarian meal.

Channa Masala

It’s a warm, saucy chickpea and tomato dish with lewd spices. You can have this quick and easy authentic Indian food with naans, flatbreads, or basmati rice.

Kadai Paneer

Kadai Paneer or called as Indian cottage cheese,  and bell peppers are marinated in a spicy masala.

This authentic north Indian food as Kadai Paneer gets its unparalleled flavor from freshly grated spices like coriander and red chilies. You can relish it with naan or paratha.

Tandoori Shrimp

Another option for seafood lovers. Perfectly marinated and grilled Indian Tandoori shrimp skewers.

Tandoori Naan and Garlic Naan

Soft, and delicious this is the only Garlic Naan recipe that you will ever need with any of the curry recipes.


This authentic North Indian food has so many variations and can become spicy or plain, sweet or savory. You could have it with rice and dal, biryanis and pulaos.

Laccha Paratha

That is a multi-layered Indian flatbread prepared with wheat and plain flour.

Aloo Gobi

Spiced Potatoes with Cauliflower. This Aloo Gobi is stuffed with super comforting flavors, and utterly the best aloo gobi you will ever have.

Paneer Pakoda

These savory paneer pakoras are crunchy from outside and delicate from inside. You can have it for dinner with naans.

Vegetable Manchurian

Veg Manchurian is a super delicious and popular-priced Indian-Chinese fusion recipe.

Rice Pulao

This one-pot dish prepared with rice and vegetables has appended spices and herbs, giving it a gentle aromatic flavor.

Malai Kofta

These are delicious melt in the mouth paneer kofta in a creamy, rich, mild and lightly sweet onion tomato based gravy.


It is our motto to help you explore North Indian Foods in Ottawa. Order online,  pick up and taste the delicious authentic Indian cuisines with fresh ingredients and authentic spices.