7 reasons why foods are exclusive in Indian festivals

India!! A country is known for its rich culture, hot tourist spots, iconic movies, gorgeous festivals, and, of course, the enormous encyclopedia of food. So what happens when you fuse two best things and recreate something that has to offer something innovative traditionally? (Of course, no one wants to let go of the original flavor.)

We get the hype. Super duper hype. That’s authentic north Indian cuisine is all about.

Food becomes such an important cultural aspect when we have variable delights. Add to that our food varies wildly from north to south.

That’s right, and we will be talking about why food remains one of the most significant components of festivals in India.

Food for every occasion 

We Indians are exceptionally fond of festivals, Aren’t we?

That’s because maybe they mark not only the celebrations but also the special savories, desserts, which are the featured items of that particular festival. 

Indian sweets in Ottawa dominate the preparations for almost all the festivals, especially during Diwali. 

Whether it’s Gulabjamun, ras malai, or kheer, we don’t want to ignore and have it all.

Getting hungry already?

Talk food and they have all ears 

All discussions regarding food are the most fascinating and the most remembered. Why?

Let’s face it, we and everyone else out there are foodies who have come together for a single purpose – eat good food.

Would you want to give a more appropriate opportunity than festivals?

Uniting communities from the moment to forever

Be it ‘Chicken, lamb, shrimp Biryani’ for Eid or other vegetarian dishes or Tandoori specials, you just can’t wait to jump at the opportunity to taste the best of the festive season.

Keeps the celebration lit up

Every Indian festival is the celebration of the victory of good over evil. Be it during  Dussehra, when according to Ramayana and Mahabharata (India’s version of Odyssey and Iliad), the bad guys are turned down, or during Diwali, when the victory of light wins over darkness, people lit up the celebrations with great food.

Think Veg pulao— this is just rice, but mixed with vegetables such as corn, beans, and carrots. 

Feel tasty enough?

A celebration is all about creating memories

You get back homeward from a multitude, marriage buffet or a banquet, what’s the first question your family asks you?

“How was the food?” The reason being, great memories are usually created through great food.

When the taste is concerned, it is a very vast world out there. That means there are different cultures and cuisines to explore.  A diary record is something you could keep but never sufficient to hold the beautiful memories about the festive foods.

A claim to fame 

Let us be honest. Paneer Tikka is the one that would adorn well on your lips when you stand in that Indian food buffet in Ottawa.

The fame of this food is unconquerable. The square-cut paneers,  roasted with butter, pepper, yogurt, onions, tomatoes, and several other ingredients make this curry, the best to eat whenever possible. You utterly cannot say no to this curry.

The natural inclination for some food in a festive season

Don’t we associate our minds with the festivities and the food? Maybe it caters to all the five senses at a flick of though implicitly.

Remember the Navratri korma and Motichoor Laddoos you had on Dushrehra or Ganesh Puja? These are the first among all items you would search anywhere during the festivities.


As it turns out, festivals and authentic Indian food go hand in hand in our rich Indian culture.

Here’s a shout-out to all the foodies out there.

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