A beginner’s guide to Indian Food

Say you decided to be inevitable and embark on a new culinary adventure. You would want to sample a brand-new Indian cuisine for the very first time. Or maybe specifically try authentic Indian cuisine. 

What’s all that comes to your mind when you think Indian food— rich, flavorful, and diverse? There is more to that. 

With every state, city, and even home having its own recipes, you can think of mixed food existence in India. That’s absolutely mind-boggling.

In this article, you may want to explore the varied culture of Indian food.

Discovering Indian Cuisine

Think of India, and one of the implicit things that come to mind is its diversity. We also don’t lag in displaying positive gestures of brotherhood with neighbors, when we instill indo- Asian fusion flavor to our fusion dishes.

An expansive country, its population is second only to China, its languages are numerous, and every state is unique in its traditions, and very importantly, its food.

There are tiny countries in the form of states embedded in our large nation. In fact, the regional food of the north may actually be totally alien to a person from the south.  There are distinct cuisines for everyone with the Mehfil house specials and mixed platter dishes.

Healthy and Diverse

Contrary to traditional belief, authentic Indian cuisine is not just about curry, chilies, and oil. As you get along with Indian food, you would start to realize that Indian food includes as many healthy and diverse vegetables and spices as you would want in traditional Canadian dishes. In fact, curry powder is actually a British innovation of imitating some of the flavors found in Indian food.

 And, not to mention the additional Indo-Asian flavor we put in our Hakka style dishes.

At the same time, Indian cuisines are not just for vegetarians. If the worldwide popularity of Amritsari Fish Pakora, lamb biriyani, chili chicken, chili shrimp is anything to go by, Indians also know a thing or two about pleasing the non-vegetarian palate.

Demystifying Indian Cuisine 

With all its diversity, it is ironic, that when the rest of the world thinks of Indian food, the one word that comes to most minds is veg and nonveg curries. That is perhaps the eminent distortion ever. The fact is curry alone does not sum up to be one of the wondrous varieties in Indian cuisines.

However, curry as an ingredient makes the entire thalli diversified.

We use a mix of spices collectively known as garam masala. That’s a taste enhancer made fresh, and the ingredients vary regionally.

An Art Form

Food is a very sedate thing in India. In most Indian homes, even today, when we have working women, if one is not cooking or eating a meal, one is planning what to cook next.

Meals almost always include several dishes, dessert (like traditional kheer, ras malai), and a thalli specials.

Authentic Indian food is fundamentally homemade, with traditional flavors presented more conventionally.

On the other hand, various invaders have passed through India and left their stamp behind on its cuisine.

There were Aryans, Persians, Arabs, the British, and the Portuguese, to name just a few.

The result is that the dishes have evolved gradually, some of which are remarkable, delightful, and customary.


Does that leave you craving for Indian food already?

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