Best places to enjoy Indian cuisine in Canada

Indian food has been a recent addition to the gastronomic scene in Canada. It gained prominence in the late 1960s when immigration in the country was happening at a rapid pace. Indian food is famous for being spicy, rich in flavour, and variety. One of the best things about Indian food is that it is a mix of local regional cuisines that are sourced from all over the country. Such a huge variety of food is inspired by different climatic conditions experienced throughout the country. The different traditions and cultures also play a very vital role in influencing the varied mix of food on offer. 

Canadians often enjoy good Indian food be it north Indian or south Indian. People who are not from India often get lost in the intricacies between the flavours of the north and south. Talking about North Indian cuisine, it is famous for the strong flavours and spice element which is often colloquially referred to as ‘Punjabi Tadka’. On the other hand, South India food can leave you salivating for more thanks to the delicious curries and rice delicacies. 

There are several places in Canada where Indian food is easily available, especially in the Ottawa area. A very popular choice for Canadians in North Indian food is Chicken Tikka which is an aromatic gravy containing small pieces of boneless chicken marinated in spices and curd. Another exotic north Indian dish that is loved by Canadians is Paneer Tikka which essentially is the same as Chicken Tikka wherein the chicken pieces are replaced with ‘paneer’, known as cottage cheese. Some of the common things eaten in daily meals by North Indians are tandoor oven cooked meat roast preparations. The hugely popular rice dish “Biryani” is one of the top favorites of many people all over the world. North Indian food also serves different types of flatbreads called “chapati” and “puri” to go along with thick curry dishes. Since North India produces wheat in abundance, they include it in their cuisines.   

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