Common misbelieves about Indian Food

With many of the Indian restaurants in Ottawa, more and more people know about all the delicious dishes India has to offer. Even though affinity for unique Indian dishes is evolving in Ottawa and around the world, authentic Indian food is often misconstrued by many.  Let’s explore through some of the common misconceptions and myths about Indian food. All Indian food is hot and spicy Yes, Indian food contains spices, but that doesn’t mean it’s…

A beginner’s guide to Indian Food

Say you decided to be inevitable and embark on a new culinary adventure. You would want to sample a brand-new Indian cuisine for the very first time. Or maybe specifically try authentic north Indian cuisine.  What’s all that comes to your mind when you think Indian food— rich, flavorful, and diverse? There is more to that.  With every state, city, and even home having its own recipes, you can think of mixed food existence in India….

The fusion of Indo-Asian flavors: Your Guide to Popular Authentic North Indian Food

Fusion cooking is the art of putting together a few compatible flavors of various foods and cooking methods of East, West to create dishes, which are unique, far-flung, and offer the best of both worlds. Mehfil Indian food restaurant is on a busy main street in Somerset, Ottawa. Flanked by Chinese, Indian, and American restaurants, our Indian Delivery & Takeout Restaurant serves the Indo-Chinese style of cooking developed by the Indian community in Canada. One…