Explore The Art of Authentic North Indian Food with Us

It’s a brilliant time to be eating Authentic North Indian Food in Ottawa. Consider this: the world’s second-most populous country is more than three times the size of Canada, a place of mingled peoples and religions, of multiple languages and regions. Despite having that blend of food heritage, there happens to be no match to authentic North Indian cuisines, in terms of flavors they bring in. It would not be wrong to say, due to the border proximity, many Asian countries like china maintain proximity to the northern border, which gives a good reason for having a fusion of Indo-Asian flavors in the northern foods, culturally.  

Furthermore, the grand dames, like India Palace, first taught us to love the comforts of tikka masala and tandoori chicken, classics whose spice palettes tempers the Western palate.

The last several years, however, have seen an influx of North Asians and, along with them, a wave of restaurants that have made Ottawa a destination on par with Ontario for density and diversity of authentic north Indian cuisines.

At Mehfil Indian food restaurant, we consider cooking food is more than business, it is more of an art form, which introduces the flavor of every region.

You feel the flavor from the north reaching near the Rajasthan’s cuisine to the southern tip but touches Chinese Hakka style cooking as well.

That means we can conduct a gustatory tour of the entire subcontinent, from the rarified feasts of Mughal palaces to the beachside snacks of Mumbai.

You can find various flavored appetizers Daal soup, Amritsari Veg pakora, Allu Tikki chat,  takeaway butter chicken and saag paneer on a Saturday night.

If you’re still jammed on butter chicken, it’s time to ignite your sense of adventure.

Wake up and smell the Malai Kebab.

From Kashmir to UP, or Punjab, India offers a wide array of flavors and cooking styles.

Let Us Explore The Art of Authentic North Indian Food.

North: Kashmir to Uttar Pradesh

The prolific north, close-fitting against mountains and sharing borders with Pakistan and Nepal, owes debts to the Persian Moghuls and Awadhi.

The rulers left their engraving on noble and authentic North Indian cuisines: riches from the tandoor oven, kebabs of all kinds, and sauces sleeked with crushed nuts.

Dishes that are reflective of the northern culture include, sweet naan, plump with nuts, dried fruits, and spices.

Kebab ‘N’ Kurry

Cinnamon strikes a comforting note for Mughlai style food. The fusion biriyani recipe is popular as family-recipe biryanis.

Tandoori Platters

The over-the-top decor matches the squander of sizzling tandoori platters—potatoes filled and blanketed in a rich gravy.

Punjab and North India

You can’t particularize the authentic Punjabi North Indian cuisine without mentioning the technique of applying tadka, which means tempering spices in blistering oil to yield liveliness and depth to a deep roster of dals (yellow, red, black, green).

Sarson da saag—the regional mustard green forte served with makki ki roti, a corn flour flatbread—is the Indian equivalent of cornbread and greens.

The dairy-rich Punjab region is also home to soft paneer (cheese) that finds the use in various curries.

Here are some of the authentic north Indian cuisines that make most of the part of any Indian Delivery & Takeout Restaurant in Ottawa.

“Roti, naan, seekh kebab (minced meat on iron skewers), chicken tikka (small chunks of marinated and grilled chicken), butter chicken, tandoori chicken, aloo mutter (curry made with potatoes and peas), rajma (curry made with red kidney beans), chana masala (curry made with chickpeas), samosa, dal makhani (daal made with butter).”

The fusion of Indo-Asian flavors

Indian flavor is more or less spicy—complex flavor pairings.

When we fuse contrasting culinary traditions or techniques into a single dish, we get something deliciously inventive.

If you combine cardamom and tamarind with a few potent ingredients like garlic and ginger, the resulting taste is something new and deliciously spicy.

As another example, a blend of cinnamon, cloves, Sichuan peppercorns, fennel, which give the sour, bitter, pungent, sweet, and salty flavors found in Chinese cooking gives a unique character.

Besides, Hakka food is characterized as salty, fragrant, and umami.


Considering the growing size of Indo-Canadians In Ottawa, Mehfil Indian food restaurant came up with the idea to promote fusion flavor in authentic north Indian food through the use of fusion species and other ingredients.

We are sure this is something that makes the food culture-rich, and we are happy to deliver that.