How to increase food delivery orders during this pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses the world over, be it retail brands, restaurants, shopping, etc. However, many restaurant delivery businesses are still thriving and orders are pouring in from customers who order through the restaurant’s app or a food delivery platform. As lockdowns have been put into effect in many places all over the country, many people are being asked to work from home. This has resulted in an increase in online food delivery business through food ordering apps.

While many businesses are facing a crisis due to the outbreak of COVID-19, it’s easy for you to achieve growth in your business. As more and more people have started home quarantining and working from home, online sales have picked up at a steady pace. The demand for home-delivered foods from restaurants has started to increase. Hence, to make your online presence a worth, it is advisable to investigate the best platforms to reach your consumers. You can also use gift cards option in your app to allow your customers to send food-vouchers to their loved ones.  

Introducing no-contact delivery for your customers will go a long way in ensuring that you are taking all the safety measures and that will gain their trust. Enable no-contact delivery as against doorstep delivery to safeguard your delivery drivers from getting infected as the latter may increase the possibility. You should tell your drivers to inform the customers by calling/texting once they arrive to deliver the order. The bag of the order should be left outside their house. 

You can also decide to reduce the delivery fee of the orders. A lot of businesses charge higher during a crisis which might not be a good practice. To show that you’re working towards a good cause, you can slash the delivery fees entirely or a percentage. This will help you achieve a good reputation in the long-term.  

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