Know these healthy Indian Foods that keep you fit

Indians love eating a lot. Every state has its own variety. These lovely Asian Indian food dishes bring our appetites to life.

Nowadays, most of us suffer from weight-related issues. Many of us don’t develop a flavor for corn flakes or oats, the so-called food recommended by dieticians if you wish to intake fewer calories.

Let us study the various Asian Indian food that not only is great in taste but also have a health factor related to it.

Authentic Indian food and spices are not only tasty and flavorful; they also add a lot of benefits to our health.

Roti Or Chapatti or Naans

Roti or naans forms a staple food of north Indian. Traditionally, wheat flour makes up the rotis. At Mehfil Indian food restaurant, each of our bread items is made in tandoor style. From tandoori naan to laccha paratha, to cheese garlic naan, you could tackle your better health and weight loss with just this one solution. Consumption of healthy fiber and gluten-free naan is essential for the required energy.

Pulses Or Dal

You relish dals or pulses in the main meal. You get a very comprehensive source of vitamins and minerals. They are also rich in Vitamin A, B, C and E and minerals like calcium, iron, and potassium. 

As you see on our menu, you would find we include Daal soup in the appetizer section. We also have daal makhani, daal tadka. If you combine the dal item with mehfil’s mixed platter, you are giving your body all the required calories for the day.

Indian veggie and non-veg Curries

As per popular belief, Indian curries are known all over the world for their texture, spiciness, and oiliness. But, there’s a different way to cook that helps getting rid of this myth. We cook it in non-stick pans with less oil and roasted whole spices. Whole spices produce a different flavor to authentic Indian dishes. For the smooth texture, avoid cream, we add yogurt. Using these healthy cooking techniques will not only make you healthy but also will keep the flavor sound. If you are a vegetarian, you could include shahi panner, korma dishes.

For non-vegetarians, you could include—butter chicken or chicken tikka masala.


As you may already know, panner is the chicken for vegetarians. Made of milk, and therefore it is difficult to guess that it is low on calories. Paneer is made from milk is very rich in proteins and calcium.  That’s a classic combination of good taste and health. There are several paneer items in our menu—paneer tikka, paneer makhani, paneer pakoda.

Healthy Indian Spices

These spices in Indian dishes which not only give flavor to our dishes but is also reversible to some diseases.


Turmeric has many healing properties. There is component curcumin which switches off those genes that enlarge the heart. Good for cholesterol and high blood pressure. None of the Indian curries or masala tikka could be cooked without adding turmeric.

Curry Leaves

A very powerful spice used, especially for tempering. Curry leaves return a highly pleasant aroma to your dish. Concerning health benefits, curry leaves reduce weight. 

Cardamom and Garlic

Cardamom increases metabolism, improves digestion, and is also beneficial for weight loss. Garlic holds some anti-bacterial properties that lower cholesterol and fat.


As you see, authentic Indian foods forever are not only flavorful and tasty but also add to your health. Don’t abuse yourself with tasteless food to lose weight anymore. Mehfil Indian Restaurant has all the authentic Asian Indian food to cater to your needs.