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If you’ve never had Indian fast food and have no idea what Indian food tastes like, you’ve come to the correct place to seek out what it’s like. We will tell you all about the tastes, textures, and most well-liked dishes in Indian cuisine and Indian fast food, then we’ll provide you with some recipe tips for a few of the tastiest dishes in the world.

 Flavors of Indian Food

When visiting Mehfil Indian Cuisine, you can expect to be intrigued by the complexity of spices and flavors’ profiles that exist within one’s dish. Some dishes may use spicy, tangy, sour, and sweet all at once to create a stunning and sophisticated final product.

The first important aspect of Indian flavors is the use of fresh ingredients. Most Indian dishes and Indian fast foods are gravy based which is often made up of a mix of fresh vegetables that are cooked down into a sauce.

Palak paneer is a common spinach gravy dish with a delicious green sauce fabricated from spinach, tomato, and onion. The base of most curry dishes is simply tomatoes and onions mixed with a distinct combination of spices.

To add a punch of flavor, most of the dishes include ginger, garlic, and coriander (cilantro).

When first tasting Indian food, many find that the flavor and tenderness of the meats are quite impressive. This can be because we have a well-liked way to prepare meat in India is to marinate it in yogurt and spices overnight then grill it over an open flame or tandoor. Chicken tikka is prepared using this method

The most important components of Indian food are spices.

One Indian dish may use around 20-30 different spices and it is the specific amounts of every spice that change the general flavor from dish to dish. Every dish should attain a balance in flavor and the spices mustn’t overpower one another or the opposite ingredients.

 Essential Indian Spices

Spice could be a way of life in India and there are some} dishes served here that may not include a minimum of a few spices or herbs. Even mangos are eaten dipped in red chilli and salt and yogurt is usually served as raita with a touch of seasoning, cilantro, and some veggies.


Heat and robust spices are the building blocks of Indian food. It’s warming, spicy and earthy with a lot of potent flavors and sometimes sweet and smoky qualities. Spices and herbs frequently incorporated into Indian dishes are cardamom, coriander, hot pepper, turmeric, ginger, and tamarind. Most of those seasonings are found in curry powder, a significant component of homemade Indian foods.


Possibly the foremost well-known texture in Indian food is the creaminess. Curries are hugely popular, and they are rich, thick, and deliciously velvety. Even non-curry items like saag paneer (greens with homemade cheese) are creamy with pureed ingredients.

Softness is another big texture in Indian food, as in soft naan (a flatbread), rice, and tender-cooked meats and vegetables. Many Indian diets are vegetarian, however, though not necessarily vegan.


This is definitely a debatable subject. Everyone has their own opinion on what the most effective Indian meal is, but we can tell you what a number of the foremost popular vegan ones are.

Note that it is a good idea to ask first to make sure that what you’re ordering is not made with animal or dairy products, including ghee and butter.

Here are a number of the foremost famous (often) vegan Indian dishes:

  • Chana masala (chickpeas stewed during a tomato sauce)
  • Pakoras (vegetable fritters)
  • Samosas (vegetable-stuffed pastries)
  • Baingan bharta (a roasted eggplant dish)
  • Vegetable biryani (rice with mixed vegetables)


Indian dishes are flavor sensations, spicy, earthy, and infrequently sweet. it is important to look out for paneer cheese, ghee, and other non-vegan products in Indian meals that aren’t obvious, but you’ll be able to arouse clarification if you’re out at a restaurant. Do make your Indian food at home like chana masala and vegan palak “paneer” for impressive, tasty dinners.

At Mehfil Indian cuisine, which is one of the best buffet restaurants in Ottawa, we prepare each dish separately that contains a unique combination of spices that are different from each other. This makes every dish at the Mehfil Restaurant special! 

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