Reasons to stick to Desi Indian food while moving abroad

On moving abroad, most Indians need Indian food to essentially feel at home. We want our ‘atta’ (whole-wheat flour), daals (lentils), Indian vegetables, masalas, and Indian snacks to essentially quiet down into daily living, comfortably. These days, it’s not difficult to search out exactly what you crave.

Indian food is extremely popular over the globe – Indian restaurants exist within the smallest, most far-flung places. All you would like to do is type “Indian food restaurants near me” on google and Ka-Boom!

Indian food has infinite variety, right? Well, maybe not. That, at least, is that the impression you’d get if you visited the typical Indian restaurant in Ottawa, Canada — unless, of course, you visited a specialty place like Mehfil Indian Cuisine. Here are five dishes you’re absolutely looking for.

Tandoori Chicken/Chicken Tikka:

These are variations on the identical idea: marinated chicken cooked within the tandoor. They didn’t travel abroad till the late 60s because you need a tandoor to create them and this item of kitchen equipment wasn’t easily available, even in India. At Mehfil Indian Cuisine, we make use of the tandoor to cook all of our meats and proteins in addition to Naans!

Butter chicken/Chicken Tikka Masala:

Not the identical dish though both are made up of chicken tikka. Butter chicken was popularised in Delhi, India within the 1950s and requires some skill to cook. The chicken tikka masala was popularised by skilled Indian restaurateurs in Canada and one among its original ingredients was a specially prepared condensed tomato soup/gravy. It requires special skills to cook this as you would like to let the chicken cook well and enable the grounded masalas by our chef to sink in!

Black Dal:

Punjabis have long made a black dal reception and also the version served in Mehfil Indian Cuisine restaurant is the same as a home-recipe. This dish uses tomato puree (and often cream!) that preserves its taste because of the authentic flavors from its spices.


There are many great biryanis to be found in every part of India. Sadly, it’s hard to search out any of them in Canada. However, at Mehfil Indian Cuisine what you will find is a self-made gravy prepared in Indian spices together with several veggies and pre-cooked rice then finished in a very pan.

It’s the perfect choice for foodies preferring having their rice with spice, interspersed with tender pieces of meat or chicken. Hyderabadi Biryani may be a dish from down the south but spread all across the country and even abroad. Cooked in ‘dum style’, it’s layered with fried onions and mint, served at dinner parties with chilli raita.

Dal Makhani

A luscious, creamy dal recipe loaded with butter; Dal Makhani is one in each of the classics! It is an absolute favorite recipe that may easily be cooked just right. You will find this dal recipe the foremost favored food at Mehfil Indian restaurant served with naan, paratha, or accompanied with some cooked rice.

Most Canadians from Ottawa city who take immense pleasure within the indulgence of authentic Indian cuisine, have complimented Mehfil Indian Cuisine to be one of all the most effective Indian restaurants that they had food at! What makes our Indian food extraordinary is that the variety we provide with exemplary flavors, a twist of spices, and also the lure of all that’s sweet!

At Mehfil Indian cuisine, which is one of the best buffet restaurants in Ottawa, we prepare each dish separately that contains a unique combination of spices that are different from each other. This makes every dish at the Mehfil Restaurant special! 

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