Best recipe for KADAI CHICKEN.

Secret to Our KADAI CHICKEN Recipe

Kadai chicken or Chicken karahi is one of the most authentic and one of the tastiest chicken curries originating from the Indian subcontinent. It precisely replicates the beautiful palette of spices in India. The spicy and tangy flavor of this dish is perfect when eaten with Naan (Indian Bread). One bite of this dish and you will reach the dreamland of the beautiful Indian spices. It is named after Indian wok (Kadai) which is used…

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A Taste of India in Ottawa. 5 Dishes You Must Try!

Are you looking for a fusion of authentic North Indian flavours and Asian cuisine? Mehfil Indian Cuisine is amongst the top 10 Best Indian Restaurants in Ottawa.  Each dish we prepare is cooked with fresh ingredients and authentic spices that give you the comfort of home-cooked food. Below are some of the amazing 5 dishes you need to try!!  Malai Kofta “Kofta” in general is referred to as softballs stuffed with cottage cheese & potato…

Know these healthy Indian Foods that keep you fit

Indians love eating a lot. Every state has its own variety. These lovely Asian Indian food dishes bring our appetites to life. Nowadays, most of us suffer from weight-related issues. Many of us don’t develop a flavor for corn flakes or oats, the so-called food recommended by dieticians if you wish to intake fewer calories. Let us study the various Asian Indian food that not only is great in taste but also have a health factor related to it….