The fusion of Indo-Asian flavors: Your Guide to Popular Authentic North Indian Food

Fusion cooking is the art of putting together a few compatible flavors of various foods and cooking methods of East, West to create dishes, which are unique, far-flung, and offer the best of both worlds.

Mehfil Indian food restaurant is on a busy main street in Somerset, Ottawa. Flanked by Chinese, Indian, and American restaurants, our Indian Delivery & Takeout Restaurant serves the Indo-Chinese style of cooking developed by the Indian community in Canada.

One can get the perfect fusion of Indo-Asian flavors in authentic north Indian cuisines with a tweak in cooking style. That involves cooking in a wok, with Indian herbs and spices like green and red chilies, coriander powder, black pepper, garam masala. Furthermore, using Chinese cooking methods and spices like soya sauce, vinegar, tomato sauce, chili-garlic sauce to do the topping.

This way of fusing various flavors through ingredients makes the food very tasty, flavorful, and a refreshing change for the Indian palate.

The fusion cooking Style:

For the fusion of Indo-Asian flavors, especially Indochinese flavor, while the cooking methods remain the same, what goes in is somewhat different.

Besides the use of native vegetables and meats, and condiments like garam masalas ( the ingredients that are hand-pounded or used as whole spices to cook Indian meat dishes), corn flour for getting the thickening effect in the gravy, an overdose of chili, garlic and ginger, and good portions of soy sauce to top it all off – these are thins that perfect indo Asian flavor in the fusion food.

More so, who needs the tedious original Chinese food when you’ve got a pervasive chili garlic prawn in front of you? Or Hakka noodles? Noodles cast with garlic, lots of chilies, cabbage, capsicum, carrots, Ajinomoto, soya, vinegar, and garnished with spring onions.

When it comes to Indian food, we all have our favorites from Punjabi to Bengali, Kashmiri to Marathi, but the fusion of Indo-Asian flavors especially, Indo-Chinese food, in no time grabs national obsession.  

Mehfil Indian food restaurant aims to promote the same food culture among Indo Canadians to bring back the long lost original flavor of authentic north Indian food in a different way.

To have a feast with  Indian Chinese food check out  our Fusion Dishes

Chili Chicken

These are the boneless chicken pieces gravy coated, fried and tossed with onions or shallots, topped with schezwan sauce, and bell peppers.

The way fusion of Indo-Asian flavors happens lies in the use of Szechwan sauce. The Flavor-packed, sauce is fiery red and ridiculously spicy that pulls Indians to have a love affair with that. This delicious sauce is made with dried red chilies, shallots, and lots of garlic.

Chili Shrimp

One among many authentic north Indian cuisines includes dishes of shrimps. Here Shrimp pieces are battered, fried and tossed in an Indian version of schezwan sauce, and topped with bell peppers.

Chili Paneer

That is undoubtedly true that Indians love spicy, oily preparations, the Chinese merely masala-fied, and greased their cuisine into a glutinous, winning combination.

Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) is turned into a Sichuan paneer with Chinese spices to give it a fusion mix.

Vegetable Manchurian

While there are several non-veg alternatives of Manchurian—non-vegetarian pakoras (batter-fried dumplings) chicken or lamb or prawn Manchurian, dry or gravy.

Still, since there’s usually at least one vegetarian in an Indian family, Manchurian sauce was poured over gobi (cauliflower). To some, Gobi Manchurian is the frontier of Indian-Chinese food friendship.

Hakka Noodles

Here we stir-fry noodles in a soy-based sauce and infuse that with various spices and greeneries like green peppers, Onions, green cabbage.

Fried Rice

 Something usual as it sounds, fry any raw food, and it’s a winner of a dish in the Indian subcontinent.

Originally cooked in China, we transform it into the Indian flavor to make that greasy and spicy with red chili powder, garam masala, and green chilies.


At the end of the day, you want your food to be nutritious, and taste good to the buds.  Our experiment with fusion cooking provides just that. What more can you ask for?

To enjoy the perfect fusion of Indo-Asian flavors, one can visit Mehfil Indian food restaurant.